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Personal Trainer Wanstead

beautiful studio close to wanstead and snaresbrook tube station

Do you want to feel fit, healthy and strong?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Hey There! My name is Anderson Alves I'm a Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach working with people from all over the world to reach their goals whatever it looks like focusing on healthy, realistic and sustainable results. How important is it to have an individualized plan sketched to fit perfectly into your routine in addition to meeting your nutritional needs? Here's where our journey begins.

Teaming up with me, you can expect tailored assessments and programmes to guide you. I've plenty of professional expertise in weight management, strength training, body composition, movement health and functional training.


Sometimes the daily routine can really throw you off balance and before you realize it, you’ve not been eating healthy and exercising for months, and don’t feel like yourself.

By that point, it can be a real challenge to get back into a healthy routine and start feeling like the old you. I have the skill to help you and make it easier!

Whether you’re following my 1:1 session or online training plan, as your coach I will make sure you’re performing all exercises correctly and will keep pushing yourself. After all, you need to be held accountable – and that takes constant feedback, motivation and support.

Target Fit E11 Studio Aug 2022-24.jpg


Online coaching is suitable for individuals that are looking for more accountability whilst following their bespoke training program independently. Helping you kick start your training habits again or to get you started on your health and fitness journey.

Provides you with an extensive coaching service for any goal; this may be: 

- Muscle gain

-Fat loss 

-Sports specific training

-Rehab from an injury 

-Off season progression.

This service is renowned for its 12 week "Body Transformations."
Weekly check ins or once monthly

In-Person Personal Training

Should you live or work in the East area in London, you might prefer to make the most of having your personal training sessions with us physically in the gym, following all current COVID secure guidelines.

We provide all In-person personal training at the gym Target Fit (E11 2AA), where we can make the most of their extensive range of equipment and facilities.

£45/ 1hr session  

£40/1 hr session (package of 10 sessions)

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Lais review

Life changer I’ve been training with Anderson for nearly  two years and I’m very confident to say that was the best decision I’ve made in my life ! EXTREMELY professional, incredible knowledge! He knows very well what he’s doing and that’s why I’ve got such an amazing results. I’m 34 years old and I’ve never been in a better shape before! He changed not only my shape but he changed completely my life style! he was always there for me... assisting , supporting and guiding me throughout each single step of the process in order to achieve my goals ! I’ve learned and still learning a lot from him! I got very into the fitness lifestyle because of him that now I’m joining in the fitness industry as a professional! ☺️ Highly recommend this incredible professional! Thank you so much Anderson !

Laís @lais_miyadaira

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